Faith, Family, Work: The Kingdom and Corporate Culture

January 26, 2015

Over the last few months, we have been exploring the Kingdom of God in our midst.  We’ve shared some of the ways that God is at work in and through Sioux Falls Seminary and explored how work and business can be a reflection of the kingdom.  Today, we are excited talk about the Kingdom of God in our community.

For our friends at Click Rain, our online marketing firm located in Sioux Falls, SD, people come before profits.  Faith, family, and work are the company’s priorities—and in that exact order.  Through this unique emphasis, the company and its employees are making a place for God’s kingdom within the world of corporate culture.

Ranked as the fastest growing business in South Dakota, Click Rain has landed a place on Inc.’s annual 500I5000 list two years in a row.  Although company president and founder Paul Ten Haken is honored by this recognition, he is more proud of the workplace culture that Click Rain and its employees have created.

“Many people ask us what one thing has had the most impact on our growth and success as a company, and without a doubt, it has been our people and culture,” said Ten Haken.

Faith, family, and work are demonstrated through the way in which Click Rain’s staff and leadership live their lives and participate in the inclusive workplace culture.  Opportunities for fellowship include picnics, team outings, baking/cooking challenges, ping-pong tournaments, and international service and learning trips.

A few years ago, after going to the Dominican Republic to work in a sugar cane village and build a small house for a local pastor, Ten Haken’s life changed in more ways than he could count.  The experience caused him to wonder how he could give his staff the same opportunity.

Soon, a service and learning benefit was created by Ten Haken and his company partners.  The response to the benefit, which covers half of employees’ service trip costs and comps their paid time off, has been overwhelming.  Nearly half of Click Rain’s employees have taken advantage of the service and learning benefit.  Team members have traveled to Southern Arizona, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Nicaragua and have grown personally, professionally, and spiritually.

Although the workload at Click Rain can be demanding, the office closes by 5:30 p.m. each evening.  Others in the business community are beginning to take notice.  In August 2014, the company was presented the When Work Works Award for effective and flexible workplace strategies.

Since Click Rain has found great success through the emphasis of faith, family, and work, they decided to share their story with others.  “We figured we should write a book about it, so we don’t forget where we’ve come from, why we do what we do, and possibly inspire some others in the process,” said Ten Haken.

The book, “Faith, Family, Work” is comprised of contributions from employees and clients.  It is being distributed to clients, family, and others within the community.  In addition, a digital version is available for download on their website.

The scripture verse on the book’s back cover not only summarizes Click Rain’s faith, family, and work culture, but it also offers a way for other companies to discover the Kingdom of God in their midst: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as for working for the Lord and not for human masters” (Colossians 3:23).

It is a privilege to serve with Click Rain and many others who manifest the Kingdom of God within our community.

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