Joining God on mission
around the world.

Kairos University is a global network of kingdom-minded organizations and followers of Jesus who are working together to build affordable, accessible, relevant, and faithful expressions of theological education.

It is a beautiful movement that is both local and global.


With local mentors, a context-driven approach to education, and localized definitions of excellence, you have the opportunity to grow where God has planted you. With a local approach, your context is the classroom. Your educational journey is as unique as you and your local community is an important part of that journey!


Kairos University is active in over 60 countries on six continents – with students from over 70 different Christian denominations. Through this global network, you have the opportunity to see firsthand what God is doing around the world – all while engaging in a global array of learning experiences that offer unique opportunities to learn.


From church planters in Saudi Arabia to firefighters in South Dakota and electricians in Alberta, Kairos is a beautiful picture of the Body of Christ. God is moving in amazing ways around the world and you have the opportunity to learn from and interact with a multifaceted and multicultural movement of people who name Jesus as Lord.

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The Impact of Collaboration

“We decided our mission would best be sustained and enlarged through partnership with other schools. What we wanted to do eventually, Kairos was already doing. We wanted to pursue what mentoring looked like, we got excited about a competency model, and so when Kairos invited us to parter, we took the invitation seriously.”  Anthony Blair, Legacy President, Evangelical Seminary

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Legacy Partners are the schools which make up Kairos University.

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