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Each degree program at Kairos is a fully-customizable journey of discipleship that provides you with opportunities to grow deeper in your faith, flourish in your vocation, and explore new horizons.


Kairos offers a first-of-its-kind Bachelor of Arts program that is affordable, accessible from anywhere in the world, and focused on developing mature followers of Christ who demonstrate vocational excellence.

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Thought and Practice

Bachelor of Arts in Leadership (pilot program, cohort by invitation only)


Master’s degrees focus on everything from theological studies, congregational ministry, and Christian leadership to counseling, marriage and family therapy, and specialized training. Each master’s-level degree program can be customized to fit your personal context and call.

Master of Arts

Master of Divinity

Master of Arts in counseling

Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy

Master of Arts in Leadership (pilot program, cohort by invitation only)


Our doctoral program is designed to help you take the next step in your vocation and walk with Christ.

Doctor of Ministry


Doctor of THEOLOGy



Certificate-level learning pathways designed to help you grow in your faith or develop particular skills without pursuing a full degree program.


Training in Spiritual Direction

Training in Directing the Spiritual Exercises

Personal Enrichment

Kairos offers opportunities to study God’s word in the company of others who want to know Jesus. To learn more about options available to you through the Kairos Learning Experience Library and our network of partners, please email info@kairos.edu.

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