Faculty & Staff


At Kairos University, we are dedicated to helping you flourish in your context. We faithfully serve Jesus and are led to fulfill His mission in the work we do. Feel free to contact us anytime.


With a team of faculty and staff located across North America and around the world, we are excited to meet you where you are so you can keep working and serving while you learn in your context.

About Douglas
Douglas Anderson

Professor of Counseling and Director of Clinical Services

About Gary
Gary Bailey

Kairos Executive Partner Professor of Biblical Studies; Biblical Life Institute Legacy President

About Anthony
Anthony L. Blair

Professor of Leadership and Historical Studies; Kairos Executive Partner; Evangelical Seminary Legacy President

About Priscilla
Priscilla Bomgardner

Administrative Assistant; Kairos Platform Coordinator

About Heather
Heather Breitkreuz

Kairos Advisor; Kairos Platform Coordinator

About Larry
Larry Caldwell

Chief Academic Officer; Professor of Intercultural Studies and Bible Interpretation; Kairos Executive Partner

About Michael
Michael Donghia

Director of Marketing; Kairos Platform Coordinator

About Sandy
Sandy Heavenor

Executive Assistant; Kairos Platform Coordinator

About Nathan
Nathan Helling

Chief Financial Officer and VP of Operations; Kairos Executive Partner

About Greg
Greg Henson

President and Chief Executive Officer; President at Sioux Falls Seminary; Kairos Lead Partner

About Jon
Jon Hiatt

Chief Development Officer

About Rita
Rita Jenkins

Executive Assistant; Kairos Platform Coordinator; Kairos Affiliate Professor

About Joel
Joel Liechty

Director of Education and Projects

About Linda
Linda Long

Financial Aid Officer and Director of Student Services; Kairos Platform Coordinator

About Angelica
Angelica Moland

Student Accounts; Kairos Platform Coordinator

About Brandi
Brandi Pohlmeier

Registrar; Kairos Advisor

About Chad
Chad Smith

Director of Enrollment Development

About Sarah
Sarah Stenson

CEO, Luther House of Study; Kairos Affiliate Professor

About Jacqueline
Jacqueline Sthankiya

Director of Finance; Kairos Platform Coordinator

About Shanda
Shanda Stricherz

Chief Creative Officer and VP of Project and Strategic Design; Kairos Executive Partner

About Becky
Becky Towne

Professor of Christian Spirituality and Counseling; Kairos Executive Partner; Houston Graduate School of Theology Legacy President

About Steve
Steve Trefz

Professor of Practical Theology; Director of the Wesley House of Study

About Sonya
Sonya Valentino

Director of Community Relations; Kairos Platform Coordinator

About David
David Williams

Professor of Theology and Ethics; Kairos Executive Partner; Taylor Seminary Legacy President