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At its core, the Kairos Project is a journey of discipleship that helps followers of Jesus flourish in their vocation.

By orienting the journey toward integrated learning outcomes, the Kairos Project also empowers participants to earn bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

Because of its unique approach to developing students, the Kairos Project functions as a platform for learning on which customizable educational journeys can be constructed. Partners, students, faculty, and mentors around the world are always developing new opportunities for learning. To encourage creativity, customization, and contextual expressions of education while maintaining high levels of educational quality, the Kairos Project’s core requirements guide all programs, partnerships, and innovation.

Outcome-based courses and assessments fully integrated into your life and vocation.

Core Requirements

All partners and programs must adhere to the following components of the Kairos Project.

Mentor Team – Each partnership uses a mentor team structure for student engagement and assessment.

Development Path – Student progress in a degree program must be tracked using a development path architecture to ensure accurate accreditation processing. This is provided by Kairos.

Master Assessment Review – All partnerships use the Master Assessment Review Process and Rubric.

Aligned Program Outcomes – All partnerships use the pre-existing program outcomes for particular degrees. Where change is needed, a partner funds the program development and maintenance.

Partner Liaison – Each partner organization identifies a liaison that will serve as the primary point of contact between Kairos and the partner.

Subscription PricingTuition is paid via a subscription pricing model.

Gatherings – Serving as the hub of the Kairos Project, Gatherings are what connect the various partners, students, and learning experiences. All students participate in Gatherings while enrolled in any program.

Educational Pathways – Kairos provides standard educational pathways for each degree program it offers which can be adapted by mentor teams and partners as the student progresses through a program. If a partner wishes to develop an entirely customized standard pathway that adheres to a program’s learning outcomes, it may do so. For accreditation purposes, such customizations must be approved by the requisite faculty of the school and funded by the partner. The partner assumes responsibility for keeping the customized pathways in line with the most up-to-date version of the program learning outcomes and development paths.

At its core, the Kairos Project is a journey of discipleship. It is an opportunity for followers of Jesus to flourish in their vocations for the sake of the world.

As an academic mode, it values deep mentorship of students, honors the input of a student’s local community of faith and vocational context, expands accessibility through a network of learning institutions around the world, and focuses on the development of competencies needed for someone to flourish in their current or desired vocation.

The design of Kairos provides students with flexible learning opportunities facilitated through contextually integrated educational moments and adaptable assignments. Kairos students learn and grow under the supervision of a mentor team, by the direction of faculty, and through participation in a cohort-based community of learning. The Kairos educational journey is oriented toward outcomes, and coursework can be customized in light of a student’s needs and calling. A flat monthly tuition fee provides access to nearly every learning experience and resource in the Kairos network. If all of that sounds like too much to take in, watch this short video to learn a bit more.

The stories of people who have found this approach to education to be life-giving all share a common thread – someone has a deep desire to follow Jesus and to engage in theological education but has thus far been unable to because of time, family commitments, or financial resources. We are addressing these challenges head on.

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