Series – Exploring God-Honoring Work: By Nathan Hitchcock

February 5, 2015

A few weeks ago, Sid Webb shared with us to explore the topic of redeeming work and what it means to be the salt and the light within God’s kingdom.  We are continuing the conversation of God-honoring work by sharing installments of the article, “Eschatological Business,” written by professor Dr. Nathan Hitchcock.  The article is being featured as part of a guest-series in the peer-reviewed online journal called Die Evangelischen Theologen.

Throughout the series, Hitchcock will explore how, as Christians, our knowledge of God’s final work informs our work in the here and now.  Part one, which introduces the idea of eschatological business, is available now on the Die Evangelischen Theologen website.  Part two talks about the differences between going to work to forgive debts and partaking in meaningful labor by imitating God.  Part three, examines the perspective that when Christians go to work they do so to lift up human bodies.  Part four describes how the work of Christian’s recreates the earth.

The four-part series published on January 13, 20, 27, and February 3 respectively.

Link: Part One – Eschatological Business: Introduction

Link: Part Two – Eschatological Business: Remitting Debts

Link: Part Three – Eschatological Business: Raising Bodies

Link: Part Four – Eschatological Business: Recreating the Earth

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