Introducing Dean Larry Caldwell and Professor Susan Reese

April 26, 2015

There are moments in time when a president has the opportunity to do something that is both really fun and very important.  This weekend was one of those moments.

At last weekend’s Board of Trustees meeting, we had the privilege of presenting Dr. Larry Caldwell and Dr. Susan Reese to the board for new roles at the seminary.

Dr. Larry Caldwell
Beginning July 1, 2015, Dr. Larry Caldwell will become the Chief Academic Officer of Sioux Falls Seminary.  This appointment comes as Dr. Ron Sisk, our current Academic Vice President and Dean, prepares for retirement on June 30.   Larry received unanimous approval from the Board of Trustees.  In my time with Larry over the past year, I have come to greatly appreciate his thoughts on the future of theological education, his heart for God, and his passion to see the church embrace the multi-cultural realities of North America.  Of course, given his work as a missionary for Converge Worldwide, his teaching, and his service as Dean at Asian Theological Seminary, it should come as no surprise that those qualities emerged in our conversations.

Dr. Susan Reese
Our students know and love Dr. Susan Reese, and I am excited to announce that Dr. Reese has been granted tenure and the rank of full professor.  Susan is a blessing to both Sioux Falls Seminary and the wider community of Sioux Falls.  Her work in the Training in Spiritual Direction program represents one of the many ways in which she is serving the seminary.  As we move forward into new models of theological education, her focus on educational philosophy and her desire to see students grow into their callings will be welcomed.

I am excited to know that both Larry and Susan will be with us as we follow God into mission!

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