Fully Alive: Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership

February 27, 2017

2017 Hiller Lectureship Preview
Guest Speaker – Dr. Ruth Haley Barton

As a seminary community, we are beginning to explore the idea of being “fully alive” and what it means as we embrace our role in God’s mission.  With verses 1 Peter 4:10 and Colossians 3:17 as guide posts, we will be reflecting on how this impacts our work in developing servants for participation in God’s kingdom mission, how other individuals are using their gifts, actions, and words to bring glory to God, and how we can put it all into practice.

On Tuesday, April 18, we will welcome Dr. Ruth Haley Barton to Sioux Falls to speak at our annual Hiller Lectureship.  Dr. Barton is the founder of the Transforming Center in Wheaton, IL, which is a ministry dedicated to strengthening the souls of clergy, Christian leaders, and the congregations and organizations that they serve.  With Barton guiding our time together, this year’s event will focus on helping individuals embrace their roles in God’s kingdom work by forging the connection between their souls and their leadership.

As we explored a few weeks ago, “being ‘fully alive’ is embracing our role in God’s mission because doing so will bring glory to God.  It is important to remember that God’s mission is one of redemption and holistic reconciliation.  Each of us, whether we are doctors, lawyers, pastors, janitors, teachers, entrepreneurs, bankers, city officials, or anything else, has an important and unique role to play in this mission.”  Part of discerning our role in this mission is taking time to listen to God and to the direction of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

By placing an emphasis on spiritual formation and the idea of leading from a centered place, Dr. Ruth Haley Barton will help us strengthen the soul of our leadership and teach us how to better stay in touch with the God we serve.  Strengthening the soul of leadership comes alongside the practice of sacred rhythms (like prayer and Sabbath keeping), discernment, and living life together in Christ and as a community.

Dr. Barton’s passion and work through the Transforming Center and the books she has authored get at the very essence of what it means to be fully alive!  “The Great Commission requires more than small groups at a church, worship on Sunday, or Bible studies.  It requires us to submit each aspect of our lives to the lordship of Christ and, through authentic relationships, invite others to do the same” (Fully Alive: Embracing Our Role in God’s Mission).

We hope you will join us on Tuesday, April 18!  Register today at soulofyourleadership.eventbrite.com or visit our story center for more information.

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