Partnership Spotlight: Vantagepoint3

October 2, 2017

Sioux Falls Seminary believes theological education works best when it integrates with and utilizes learning and formational experiences from kingdom-minded partners.  We work diligently to find these partners and are thankful for our partnership with VantagePoint3 (VP3) in Sioux Falls, SD.

VantagePoint3 works with Christian leaders and communities who are looking for ways to more deeply develop adults in their context. By weaving together a wealth of biblical and formational wisdom, VantagePoint3 provides a faith-deepening, community-building, life-aligning set of processes (The JourneyA Way of Life, and Walking with Others). This VP3 Pathway, at its core, helps men and women discover more deeply who God is, who they are, and what God desires to do through them.

Their focus on discipleship and leader development blends well with Sioux Falls Seminary’s approach of developing individuals for their participation in the kingdom mission as they walk alongside a mentor team, learn through contextually integrated educational moments and adapted assignments, and participate in a community of learning.

Through Sioux Falls Seminary’s innovative philosophy of theological education, students at Sioux Falls Seminary can integrate VantagePoint3’s processes, like The Journey, into their seminary experience at a number of different levels.  Options at the certificate, Master’s and Doctoral levels each provide students with an opportunity to focus their studies in discipleship and development by enabling them to work with their mentor team to customize the entire educational journey.  This allows students to pursue their degrees or certificates while remaining fully active in ministry and invested in their day-to-day lives.

To learn more about VantagePoint3, visit or call 605.362.1165.

To learn more about the Kairos Project at Sioux Falls Seminary, visit, call 800.440.6227, or e-mail our enrollment team at

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