EWP Talk: The Economy of God in Ephesians

November 13, 2017

EWP Talk fetures The Economy of God in Ephesians Presented by Dr. Nathan Hitchcock

Seminary professor Nathan Hitchcock recently presented a talk on the economy of God in Ephesians as part of the Economic Wisdom Project (EWP) Talks.  The presentation coincides with the upcoming 2018 Karam Forum on January 4-5 in Los Angeles, CA, at which he will participate as a collaborator.

Dr. Hitchcock’s talk explores the biblical term, oikonomia, looking at Paul’s “economy of God” in comparison to the gospels’ “kingdom of God.”  Illustrating the sweeping nature of God’s enterprise, he shares the stories of several individuals and how they are a part of his work.

More information on the talk is available through the Oikonomia Network.


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