Story: Biblical Depth and Living it Out

February 18, 2019

Last week, we talked about Gospel Depth and the importance of collaborating with ministry organizations led by kingdom-minded people like Vic Gordon.  To dive a little deeper on that topic, let’s look at City Life Church and seminary student Morgan.
City Life Church is a gospel-centered, growing church in downtown Wichita, KS, that has a unique history shaped by a passion for gospel transformation and long engagement in the city.

One of the unique aspects of City Life is that it incorporates the work of Gospel Depth into the ministry of the church.  As you recall, Gospel Depth is a ministry led by Vic Gordon that creates learning pathways for followers of Christ that are tailor made for each person and each congregation with whom he works.  At its core, the ministry of Gospel Depth can perhaps be summarized in the phrase, “biblical theology for the building and renewing of Christ’s Church.”

City Life Church leveraged Vic and Gospel Depth to create the Gospel Depth Institute, “a ministry that exists to bring theological and biblical deepening, equipping and enrichment.  In context of City Life Church, the institute is a 9-month theological journey where people come together in community to learn and to live transformed lives because of the gospel.

As you can see, Gospel Depth is investing in the lives of Jesus followers in powerful ways.  One of those followers of Christ is Morgan, a student enrolled in the Kairos Project at Sioux Falls Seminary.  Morgan’s journey integrates the learning and discipleship pathway developed by Gospel Depth with the learning and program outcomes for Kairos.  In doing so, Morgan can be mentored in a deep manner by Vic Gordon and make progress toward a Master of Divinity.  Perhaps the best way to hear about it is to have Morgan talk about it himself.

Partnerships like the one between Gospel Depth and Sioux Falls Seminary are a great example of what it looks like when theological education functions as a system of interconnected parts that all work together to deepen one’s relationship with the risen Lord.

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