Hiller: Revelation and Abundant Community Life

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The annual Hiller Lectureship is next week!  Registration is still open, and we invite you to attend.  This year’s event, to be held at Central Church on Tuesday, April 30, will explore how to create an abundant community of life in our churches and our neighborhoods by journeying through the book of Revelation.

Dr. Ralph Korner, Academic Dean and Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Taylor Seminary in Edmonton, AB, will be our featured speaker.  He notes the connection between Revelation and the topic of abundant community by saying, “What does the book of Revelation ‎possibly have to do with invigorating abundant community within our churches and neighborhoods?  What does a book that is full of beasts, plagues, and angels blowing trumpets have to with inaugurating eternal life in our relationships?  I invite you to join me as we journey through Revelation so that we can journey more impactfully into our churches and neighborhoods.  Together, we will discover the imminence of Christ’s return for his Church, the immanence of his presence in the Church, and the essence of his purpose through his Church.”

Cost to attend is $40 per person. A discount is available to groups of three or more who register together.  Details are provided here on the Hiller Lectureship Eventbrite page.

–Keeping Jesus’ return imminent: playing with visionary building blocks (chapters 1, 6, 22)
–Keeping God’s people hospitably present to each other (chapters 21-22)
–Keeping God’s people missionally integrated within their neighborhoods (chapters 2-3)
–Bringing it all together: learnings, applications, and questions

About the Speaker:
In addition to his role at Taylor, Dr. Korner has previously served two North American Baptist churches in Edmonton and at Taylor University College as a campus pastor, a New Testament instructor, and an associate director in the area of student development.  He holds a Ph.D. in early Christianity and ancient Judaism from McMaster University and a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Trinity Western University in Langley, BC.  Korner has published a number of works including articles on the books of Daniel and Revelation as well as a book and articles on the Greek word that is translated “church” (Ekklesia) in the New Testament.  He is currently working on writing a book on the book of Revelation (reading it through the eyes of an ancient Jewish reader).

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