A Posture of Responsiveness

January 20, 2020

As Sioux Falls Seminary steps into the New Year, we do so with excitement, anticipation, and a posture of responsiveness. Over the coming months, we look forward to several events, partnership developments, and exciting initiatives.  There are even a few possibilities that create anticipation. As a result, we are committing ourselves to a posture of responsiveness so we might respond well to all God has in store for us.

As I write this, I am sitting at the Kairos gathering in Edmonton. With me are people from all over the world. In fact, there is at least one person who was born on each of the six inhabited continents. This is a great reminder that God is moving all around the world. We are a global seminary because God leads a global church. Having a group with such diverse backgrounds means that we have the opportunity to engage in wonderful conversations that display the multitude of ways God works in and through his people around the world. For example, one of the people speaking this morning served as a personal trainer in a Muslim country where she was able to demonstrate her Christian faith.

We are also excited about the people God is placing in our care. With Sioux Falls Psychological Services, we are able to meet people where they are and offer hope. Nearly one-third of the work we do through Sioux Falls Psychological Services takes place in our Child & Adolescent Therapy Clinic. There is a growing need for mental health services for the most vulnerable in our community. The opportunity to provide these services in ways that offer hope is exciting.

Finally, there is excitement around the partners that God continues to connect with Sioux Falls Seminary. Today, the Kairos Project includes students, mentors, seminaries, churches, denominations, and kingdom-minded organizations spread out around the world. This is a great segue into our areas of anticipation.

We wait in great anticipation as God works in and through two growing partnerships and potential opportunities on the horizon. Over the past several years, Sioux Falls Seminary and Taylor Seminary have been working together in many ways. Our work together has ranged from faculty development, student services, and fundraising to staffing, programs, and more. In February 2019, we began formally enhancing and expanding the Kairos Project together. We wait in anticipation as God continues to shape and form this partnership for his purposes.

In October 2019, Evangelical Seminary expressed a desire to work more closely with Sioux Falls Seminary in response to a conversation that began nearly 18 months ago. Already, this potential partnership is opening doors to new and exciting opportunities in marriage and family therapy programs and doctoral degrees.

Finally, we are working closely with our accreditors as we consider launching new programs. Thus far, we have had a good response. At the same time, we wait in anticipation of recommendations.

More than anything, over the past six years, we have learned to be a “discerning organization” that is constantly listening and responding to the work of the Holy Spirit.

While there are many things to be excited about as we see God at work, there is much more for us to learn, discern, and do in the year ahead.  It is this learning, discernment, and new activity that energizes me!

I hope that you can join us in the journey ahead.

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