Attending seminary while traveling the Holy Land

As a Bible teacher and a Master’s student studying Bible and theology, Trevor Mouw knew that a trip to Israel would be transformational for his work.  So, when he learned about a scholarship for short-term study in the Holy Land through his monthly Kairos email, he applied immediately.

To his surprise, Trevor received the scholarship and spent three weeks enrolled in a geography class at Jerusalem College.  At that time, he was currently working through a biblical study outcome within his Kairos program.  The trip and the course he took had a profound impact on his studies and in the way he teaches the Bible to others.

“This experience has completely changed my mental image of these Biblical books. I think that this more accurate mental picture helps to bring out the meaning and connectedness of many of these stories,” said Trevor.

“This experience has completely changed my mental image of these Biblical books.”

“One thing that stood out during my time in Israel was how close together everything is. In addition, every city in Israel knows what it is Biblically-famous for. The interconnectedness of place with story helps bring out key Biblical themes that I might have missed otherwise.”

During that time, he and his classmates explored both Old and New Testament sites.  His adventure began with excursions into the Judean hillside, southern Judea, Samaria, Galilee, Northern Israel and the Dead Sea.  And it concluded as they crossed into Jordan to explore east of the Jordan River, including Ammon, Moab, and Edom.

It became really clear to him how often Jesus purposefully used location to emphasize and underscore his teachings.  “One of my favorite things to do was to look around the horizon and the hillsides, because horizon lines don’t change….”

According to Trevor, the immersive study opportunity was filled with amazing, impactful, and memorable experiences.  Having the flexibility to integrate this experience into his Master’s program and have it immediately impact both his studies and his context is one of the many transformational benefits of the Kairos Project.

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