Intro: A New Way of Collaborating

June 28, 2021

By: Greg Henson, President, Sioux Falls Seminary

In July of last year, we began a series of blog posts under the broad heading “A New Way of Being.” You can read about it toward the end of this post. Our conversations about a new way of being were rooted in Romans 12:1-2. David Williams walked us through several posts that explored how the passage invites us into a journey of transformation and invites us to consider the work of theological education which, at its core, is a journey of discipleship.

We proceeded to look closely at how Kairos attempts to embody this journey of transformation through the principles and practices that give shape to our work on a daily basis. It is a new way of learning that gives rise to fresh expressions of collaboration, communication, and day-to-day operations.

Today, we continue our deep dive into this new way of being by outlining where we are headed in the conversation. Building on a “new way of learning,” we will move into a series on a “new way of collaborating” by looking at the practices, values, and purposes of collaboration in the context of Kairos as well as the various ways organizations are choosing to collaborate within Kairos. Then, we will look at “operating in a new way” wherein we will explore the day-to-day work of Kairos, how governance works in a distributed and trust-based system, and perhaps why the common approaches to governance and operations tend to have a deformational (rather than formational) impact on each of us as individuals and on the community as a whole. We will round out our conversation about this new way of being by looking at a “new way of communicating” by focusing on transparency and streams of information.

Next week, we will get started on the topic of collaboration by looking at 1 Corinthians 3:1-9. See you then!

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