Partnership Spotlight: People Who See

April 21, 2022

We are excited to share a little about one of our newest Kairos partners, People Who See.

The work of People Who See is rooted in contemplative prayer practices that deepen individuals’ understanding of God, themselves, and others. They seek to provide a safe space to ask questions, tell stories, and explore spiritual practices to deepen faith. They do this by offering a topical, interview-based podcast, an online spiritual listening cohort, and a spiritual listening workshop for churches and faith-based organizations.

When we asked People Who See to share more about their work, why they are passionate about it, and how they can serve Kairos students, here is what they said:

Why spiritual listening? Because we, as Christians and particularly as leaders, are called to love – to be Christ to the world. Yet how do you love someone with whom you vehemently disagree? How can you be Christ to someone who triggers you? How can you be an effective minister of the gospel when you find yourself running away from hard conversations?

It’s not enough to simply tell Christians to love – they have to be taught how. We developed our spiritual listening cohort to equip individuals with practical tools anchored in contemplative prayer practices that unlock a door for compassion and curiosity. We will provide a framework on which to build a Christ-like model of interpersonal relationship. This cohort will unite participants through story-telling and equip them with tools to have hard conversations by practicing spiritual listening and other contemplative prayer practices.

This cohort can be integrated into any level of education at Kairos, and while it most naturally overlaps the areas of theological hospitality, reflection in community, or directed learning experiences, the practices learned in this cohort will contribute to the formation of the whole person and infuse their ministry with compassion and curiosity.

To learn more about People Who See, visit or email at To join the waitlist for the six-week spiritual listening cohort, sign up here. A special student rate is available for Kairos students. Please inquire with People Who See for details.

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