Partnership Spotlight: Institute for Church Leadership

May 5, 2022

We value collaboration in theological education. This partnership spotlight highlights the work of the Institute for Church Leadership in providing enrichment and development.

Churches and their leaders know that they could use some deeper discipleship, training, and tools for ministry. The pastor or paid staff could provide these, but they often lack the time to develop the content, produce the materials, set up a meeting/Zoom session, reach out to those who are interested, and facilitate the learning and follow-up.

If this is the case for you or your church, the Institute for Church Leadership (ICL) can help! Every spring and fall, the ICL, a partnership of the Evangelical Congregational Church and Evangelical Seminary, offers a series of courses in Bible, theology, spiritual disciplines, evangelism, church history, missions, leadership, counseling, and more. Anyone seeking to enrich his or her understanding in ministry can benefit from these opportunities for spiritual enrichment and leadership development.

These non-credit classes are offered as a resource for building the Kingdom of God. They are open to all, without any educational prerequisites. They are not graduate-level classes and do not earn academic credit.

Classes are offered on Tuesday evenings and are accessible online. Current and future offerings can be viewed here.

If God is inviting your entire leadership team to study together, the Institute for Church Leadership may be for you!

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