Partnership Spotlight: Preparing for Amazement Ministries

May 23, 2022

Kairos partner Preparing for Amazement Ministries talks about why health matters for churches, church leaders, and congregations.

Preparing for Amazement Ministries is a proud collaborating partner of Kairos University. Our Executive Director, Dr. Marcus J. Carlson serves as a Kairos faculty mentor.

At Preparing for Amazement Ministries, we believe that outside of the work of the Gospel, health trumps all! This maxim is true for churches and leaders. Our mission is to revitalize and build the global church by leading leaders and churches toward transformational health.

Consider the following statistics from reputable faith-based researchers including Barna, Pew and others:

40% of US churches are at risk of closing in the next year.

  • In recent years, that number was closer to 10%.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic:

  • 70% of US churches were in decline.
  • 20% of US churches were plateaued.
  • 9% of US churches were growing only by transfer of members.
  • 1% of US churches were growing by reaching new people.

Currently, at least 38% of pastors in the United States are considering leaving ministry altogether.

Average church attendance is roughly 43% of pre-pandemic numbers.

The Church in the United States is in the most perilous position in its history.

What is the answer to the challenges that the church in the US is facing?


Why does health matter? Health matters, because outside the work of God through the Gospel it is the most important factor in the effectiveness and longevity of a church. Why does health matter? Health matters because without it we cannot be the church that God created us to be, a church that imitates the life, teaching and ministry of Jesus, a church that models the early church in its context, a church that loves God, others and the world well. Why does health matter? Health matters because without it making disciples is impossible.

As individual churches, our focus should not be on being the biggest church, having the nicest building or most charismatic staff. Rather, our focus should be on being the healthiest church we can be and helping our pastors, staff, leaders and congregation to find lasting and transformational health. We seek to bring transformational health through three primary vehicles: church and leader health, church revitalization, and our international ministry.

Our church and leader health ministries are focused on empowering and equipping churches and leaders to create lasting and transformational health. Programs, such as our Pastors4Pastors ministry, include individual and group coaching and support for leader and church health. We also offer staff and governing board health retreats, coaching, education and more.

Our church revitalization ministries are focused on empowering and equipping churches to resemble the church from the book of Acts in their context. Programs include revitalization networks for churches and leaders that include coaching, resourcing and support. We offer consultations for revitalization and racial reconciliation. We also offer crisis/conflict intervention, transition services, education and more.

Our international ministry focuses on building the global church by providing access to education and training to leaders in developing areas around the world.

You can see a list of all the services we offer here.

We are offering a Healthy Leaders Healthy Churches cohort from August to December 2022. The cohort will offer a learning experience in which you will grow to create lasting transformational health in yourself as a leader and within your local church context. You can learn more here.

We believe in the promise found in Habakkuk 1:5 that God wants to amaze us. “Look at the nations and watch— and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.” God wants to do an amazing work in the church, its pastors, staff and leaders.

To learn more about our ministry or to connect and partner with us, visit our website at

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