Partnership Spotlight: Missions.Me

October 3, 2022


Missions.Me is an organization that works with organizations around the world in various types of initiatives. From rescue orphanages to medical missions to large-scale events that mobilize local movements within cities (and much more), the ministry has worked with thousands of people in dozens of countries. Through its 1Nation1Day events, the organization has mobilized local leaders and ministries in Honduras, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Los Angeles. 

In June 2022, Missions.Me connected with Kairos University to create unique experiential learning opportunities for students. As a collaborating partner with Kairos, Missions.Me experiences can be leveraged within a student’s educational journey.

One such opportunity is the 1Day Field School experience, which is organized by Missions.Me College, a ministry of Missions.Me. The 1Day Field School is “a movement of leaders who live the impossible and are causing salvation and transformation of cities around America to take place now through the 1Day movements.” The next 1Day event will be in Houston.

Here is a description of the opportunity:

1Day Houston exists to unite diverse spheres of influence to produce sustainable change in the city. 1Day Houston will be tackling some of the city’s biggest challenges: divided homes, neglect and abuse, an overburdened foster care system, homelessness, poverty, and incarceration by mobilizing thousands to serve in the city of Houston, partnering with local faith communities, NGO’s, government and the education spheres and loving on a city like never before. As a participant in the 1Day Field School experience, participants will be on the frontlines of helping to tackle these issues through 1Day Houston. Get ready for radical transformation, spiritual development, personal mentorship, and discipleship as well as hands-on training that encourages critical thinking, long-term retention, exposure to best practices, and preparation for your calling! 

Kairos students have the opportunity to engage in this life-giving, semester-long immersion experience in the 1Day Field School. Participation requires relocating to or living in Houston for the length of the immersion experience.

For more information, on 1Day Field School, click here.

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