Faculty Mentor Spotlight: Peter Bunton

January 8, 2024



We think relationships are an important aspect of education. That’s why we work with mentor teams, cohorts, and partner organizations. To help you get to know the people who are part of the Kairos community, we spotlight partners, faculty, alumni, students, staff, and board members from time to time. Today we are looking at one of our faculty

Name: Peter Bunton

Location: Lancaster, PA

Role within Kairos: Affiliate Professor

Education: PhD, Missiology (University of Manchester); MA (All Nations Christian College); BA (University of Birmingham)

Teaching and Research Interests: Leadership, leadership succession, missiology, research methods

How to connect with Peter: peter_bunton@yahoo.com


We asked Peter a few questions to learn a bit more about him. Here’s what we discovered.

Why are you engaged in the work of theological education?
It is crucial to invest in others so that they might flourish in their calling. For me, it is important to help develop new and younger leaders in knowledge, skills, and how to follow God.

When you are teaching or working as a faculty mentor, what kinds of questions lead the way?
Where would you like to be, and how can we work together to get you there?

What rhythms do you like to follow?
Early morning scripture reading, prayer, and often a reflection from the writings of Christians throughout the centuries. I also appreciate making a silent retreat, usually twice each year.

When you are not teaching, mentoring, or engaged in some other aspect of your work with Kairos, where might we find you?
My main role is Director of DOVE Mission International, a mission agency. For recreation, I walk (often in a forest), swim, read, and enjoy visiting new countries. I think it’s now 70 countries that I have visited! I also enjoy writing. Some of my publications include Cell Groups and House Churches: What History Teaches Us (House To House Publications) and Succeeding at Succession: Founder and Leadership Succession in Christian Organizations and Movements (Wipf & Stock).

Here’s a photo that Peter shared with us:

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