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Student Stories

Each new student has a unique story to share about what God is doing in their lives and why Kairos appears to be the right place to continue their journey of discipleship. We love to collecting these stories and getting a broad sense of what God is up to in our community.

About Our Story Blog

Rick’s Story

Working as a pastor in the past and a counselor for children and youth, I have come to understand that we are never alone in our struggles and never alone in our overcoming. With this program, affordable and reachable came together for the perfect timing. A true God moment for someone in rural South Dakota with a passion for families. I appreciate the extensiveness of the training, the personal touch of expert professors, and the materials suggested.

Sarah’s Story

I have a good friend who is currently working on her Master of Divinity, and she was the first one to tell me about Kairos. After exploring many options, I chose the MAMFT program because it’s Christ-centered, convenient for a working parent going back to school, and has an incredibly affordable price. I have appreciated the professors being so personable and professional. I’ve learned so much. I have been stretched and grown, and I’m absolutely loving it!

Brielle’s Story

I am a registered nurse and throughout the past couple of years it became clear to me that I was often interacting with patients who were dealing with psychosocial, systemic challenges. Because of the lack of resources for these patients, I started looking for a professional route that would allow me to be a catalyst for systemic change. I landed on the MAMFT program as it invites therapists to work with systemic change rather than an individualized focus. My faith was pivotal in my own healing journey, so I desired a program that would take into account this part of the therapeutic process. I have appreciated the professors’ professional experiences, spiritual awareness, and systems-based worldview – all of which are interwoven into class.

Diana’s Story

I was looking for an MFT program that could provide quality training through a biblical lens. Kairos’ values aligned with mine, and I believed it would best prepare me to be the kind of therapist I hope to be. I love the classroom size and the opportunity to get to know classmates on a deeper level. The professors foster a safe environment to be curious, challenge your beliefs, and learn the true heart of therapy.

Caelwen’s Story

I fought the calling to pursue this vocational path for many years, for a variety of reasons. Then during a personally challenging time, I felt a very clear call that it was time for me to share whatever strengths I have been given with those outside my family.

This particular program appealed to me because I have felt so sustained by my relationship with God, especially during the darkest times in my life. I wanted to be allowed to bring my whole self to the learning and becoming process. I appreciate the genuine care of the professors for the field itself and for the students – it is clear they want us to be well prepared to help people. It is a rigorous program, and I believe I am getting an excellent education — while also being allowed to consider some of life’s most important questions.

Carmen’s Story

There are many things that I appreciate about my experience in the MAMFT program. First of all, I appreciate the integration of spirituality and psychology. I am studying biblical theology and marriage and family theories. I also appreciate how the program has encouraged my own personal growth. Class assignments and internship supervision encouraged me to reflect on my life experiences and how they impact who I am as a therapist. I am thankful for all I have learned about myself during my marriage and family therapy studies; I have been shaped as a person as well as a future therapist.