White Papers

We’ve done a lot of writing and research on the Kairos Project and Competency-Based Theological Education. We invite you to explore some of our work.


  • An Invitation to Transformation (PDF)
  • Standards of Excellence (PDF)
  • Spirit-Led Excellence (PDF)
  • Knowing Is Integrative (PDF)
  • Kairos as a Philosophy of Education (PDF)
  • Practices of CBTE (PDF)
  • Principles of CBTE (PDF)
  • Platform Thinking (PDF)
  • Collaborating in a New Way (PDF)
  • Communicating in a New Way (PDF)
  • A Wild Goose Chase: Following the Spirit (PDF)
  • Following Jesus in Community (PDF)
  • The Kairos Community (PDF)
  • Theological Hospitality (PDF)
  • Mentoring in Kairos (PDF)
  • Faculty Mentoring in Kairos (PDF)
  • Trustworthy Assessment in Theological Education (PDF)