Your journey can be tailored to fit your preferred style and location for learning.


Pursue a degree from anywhere in the world.

You can participate in any program from anywhere in the world – and you don’t have to sit alone in front of a computer screen in order to make that happen! Mentor teams, Project-Based and Situational Learning opportunities, and contextualized educational pathways mean you get the benefit of engaging in education from anywhere coupled with options for face-to-face interaction.

Any Time:

Engage in learning when it works best for you.

Learning doesn’t have to happen in a classroom and it doesn’t have to happen on a prescribed schedule. In fact, learning happens best when it is connected to moments in time that naturally occur in your day-to-day life and vocation. In Kairos, you have the opportunity to engage in learning experiences that fit your time and life. Sometimes that could mean following a prescribed schedule because you find that helpful. Other times, it could mean working with a mentor team to build a project-based learning experience that leverages an experience you are having at work.

Any Level:

Degrees, certificates, and personal enrichment

We think that modern higher education has become a bit too focused on the concept of a “degree” as if it is some magical award. In fact, while a degree is a helpful recognition of good and important work that has been done, it is the journey toward the degree that is most important. Another way of saying that is learning doesn’t have to be focused on earning a degree. It can be focused on personal growth, discipleship, skill development, and much more. You can pursue a degree if that is your goal – and we have many top-notch degrees. However, if you want to walk closer with Jesus in the company of others, then you can do that as well.

How do we make all of this work?

Learning Experience Library

Kairos University’s Learning Experience Library provides an array of learning experiences that you can use to develop and demonstrate proficiency in your program.

Scheduled Learning

Scheduled-learning experiences (SLEs) provide opportunities for you to learn alongside other students in a live, classroom-based setting or a live video conference setting (e.g. Zoom). These experiences are facilitated by a professor and usually occur during September – November or February – April. SLEs are great opportunities to dive deeper into topics that interest you or engage in conversation with peers. Some SLEs span 12 weeks while others could be one weekend each month or even a few days together.

Self-Paced Learning

Self-paced learning experiences (SPLEs) are online learning experiences that you can work through at your own pace. The topics range from quite broad and in-depth (i.e. something that could take you 3 months to complete) to relatively focused (i.e., a specific guided assignment). SPLEs provide a wonderful opportunity to craft an educational journey that fits your rhythm of life while also benefiting from the wisdom offered by the Kairos community.

Contextualized Learning

In addition to the plethora of scheduled and self-paced learning experiences available in the Learning Experience Library, Kairos provides a process by which you and your mentor team can design customized learning experiences that leverage the unique activities and resources in your context. We do this through project-based and situational learning.

Project-Based Learning

With project-based learning, you can integrate your day-to-day activities with our unique action-reflection learning structures. That’s a fancy way of saying that the mission trip you are leading or the strategic plan you are writing or the Bible study you are leading or participating in can all become part of your educational journey. Rather than school becoming something that you add-on to your life, it can be something that is built around your life.

Situational Learning

Learning happens best when it is sparked by specific moments in your life that invite you to reflect on what God might be doing in that moment or why something didn’t go as you had hoped. In Kairos, you have the opportunity to turn these situations into opportunities to grow in your faith and self-awareness, deepen your understanding of your call or vocation, and make progress in your degree program.

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