High-quality theological education doesn’t have to be expensive.

At Kairos, we believe that high-quality education should be affordable. It should also be predictable. Our commitment to creating an affordable system of theological education has opened the door for students around the world to engage in a journey of discipleship that helps them flourish in their vocations. Here is how it works.


It starts with our low monthly tuition. Rather than worrying about how much you have to pay for each course or credit hour or semester, you simply pay a monthly subscription. In most cases, this monthly subscription is about 75% lower than the average tuition students pay for similar accredited degree programs.

No Fees and No Increases

Your tuition should be predictable. At Kairos, that means that there are no registration fees, graduation fees, course fees, technology fees, student service fees (and the list could go on). Your monthly subscription is the only money you will pay to the school. It is also the same price for the entire time you are in your program. We will not increase your tuition.

Start and Stop
any Month

Life happens. Sometimes students move, get married, start a new career, or just need to take a break. At other times, people feel called by God to get started right away! That means you can start any month and take a leave of absence when that is needed. It’s as easy as starting and pausing your subscription.

Go at
Your Pace

The price of your program is set by the length of time it takes you to complete it. That means you can move at your own pace. Some students complete a master of arts degree in 24 months while others take 18, 36, or even 60 months. You can go as quickly or slowly as needed for your personal development.

Continue to Innovate

An important aspect of affordable theological education is Kairos University’s commitment to ongoing improvement and innovation. This commitment means that you can rest assured that the price of your tuition will not change. It also means that you are part of a community who is committed to the fact that high-quality theological education does not have to be expensive!

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