Stewardship Report: 2017-2018 Academic Year in Review

May 7, 2018

The 2017-2018 academic year at Sioux Falls Seminary is quickly coming to a close.  We’ll soon be recognizing this year’s graduates and celebrating with them God’s great work in their lives. For 160 years and counting, students have been enrolling at our seminary and experiencing the journey of theological education together.  As years go by and faces change, the seminary remains committed to developing servants for their participation in the kingdom mission.

Sioux Falls Seminary has been blessed with a rich history and a unique story.  We thank God for his guidance, his provision, and the opportunity to serve.  As we wrap up this academic year and work on preparations the next, we have many things to celebrate:

  • Increased student enrollment for the fourth consecutive year;
  • Another record year for Sioux Falls Psychological Services;
  • An abundance of partners and partnerships, all focused on serving in and impacting and the kingdom of God together;
  • Generous gifts that help make theological education affordable, accessible, relevant, and faithful;
  • Continued growth of the Kairos Project and excitement surrounding the educational philosophy that guides it;
  • Students and alumni, near and far, impacting the lives of many through their different ministry contexts;
  • Our role in shaping the future of theological education and the opportunity to share our story with those interested in competency-based theological education.

God continues to work in and through Sioux Falls Seminary.  Thank you for your partnership, prayers, and support.  We are humbled by the opportunity to develop servants for their participation in the kingdom mission!  And we look forward to seeing what God has in store for the seminary, its students, and its alumni in our 161st year and beyond.  We hope you’ll join us on the journey!

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