Stewardship Report: Cameroon Cohort

May 28, 2018

In January, I shared a stewardship report on global relationships.  I talked about the partnership we entered into in 2015 with the North American Baptist International Office, Taylor Seminary, the Cameroon Baptist Convention, Cameroon Baptist Theological Seminary (Ndu), and Cameroon Baptist Seminary (Kumba).

Our focus on enhancing theological education in Cameroon and North America is strong as we work together.  We continue to flourish and grow together in several areas, including faculty and program development.

In my previous update, I noted that eight faculty, all of whom work in the area of theological education in the Cameroon Baptist Convention, were on campus with us for two weeks in January as they attended a Doctor of Ministry seminar.  This week, the cohort of students is gathering in Cameroon in Bamenda with Dr. Allan Effa, Professor of Intercultural Studies at Taylor Seminary, for a seminar in African theology in context.

God continues to provide in many ways as these eight faculty members work toward their doctoral degrees.  Because we are working together and learning from one another, we were able to design the entire program specifically for this group and their needs.  As a result, through the formation of this cohort, the Cameroon Baptist Convention seminaries will be more prepared as they seek local accreditation and enhance their capacity to serve the students at their seminaries in Cameroon.

Our excitement about what God is doing through this partnership continues!  It is a privilege to help steward our Doctor of Ministry cohort through their customized journey of discipleship and theological education.
We thank God for the opportunity to learn alongside these students and pray that their time together this week will be transformative in their lives and to the work to which God has called them!

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