Toolbox Launches to Enhance Mentoring

May 25, 2020

The Kairos Project only exists because of its partners.  In recent blogs, we have shared some of the stories regarding our institutional partners.  Today, we are shifting our focus to some the “behind the scenes” partners to the day-in, day-out workings of the Kairos Project: the mentor teams!

Each student journeys through the Kairos Project alongside three important people, their faculty mentor, ministry mentor, and personal mentors.  A mentor team can be concentrated within a student’s community or spread out across the globe.  The online realities that have become a new normal in our world recently have been a way of life for mentor teams since the Kairos Project began.  Mentor teams use a mix of coffee shop conversations, phone calls (at any hour of the day), prayer, video conferences, and more to guide the transformative learning process that Kairos students experience.

Recently, we launched the “Mentor Toolbox 1.0” – a resource to equip mentor teams for the vital role they play in the lives of students.

This “toolbox” contains videos and summaries of the main areas of Kairos mentorship.  It is available to all affiliate faculty mentors, ministry mentors, and personal mentors.  The toolbox presents a consistently-updated and peer-reviewed space for our rapidly growing base of resources to build up Kairos Project mentoring skills.

All members of Kairos Project mentor teams are encouraged to request access to the Mentor Toolbox by contacting Steve Trefz at

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