Kairos Impact Stories: Introduction

February 12, 2024



By God’s grace, Kairos University has had the privilege to walk alongside thousands of students and partner organizations.  From local churches to global missions to fighter jets and surgery rooms, we have seen God move in amazing ways.

Over the coming weeks, we are going to share a few stories about what God is doing in and through the Kairos community. This series aims to explore the impact that holistic and spiritually formative journeys of discipleship can have on individuals and communities across the globe.

When we break through the traditional boundaries of learning, we have the opportunity to see students embark on a journey that not only enhances their understanding but also deepens their faith and prepares them to flourish in their vocations.

Our series will take you through diverse experiences, from local churches to global missions and personal experiences to communal engagement. We’ll explore how Kairos University’s approach to education has empowered others to engage the challenges of today’s dynamic world. It will be fun to watch God work. Stay tuned for a few great stories!

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