Kairos Impact Stories: Transforming Theological Education for Today’s Ministry Leaders

February 26, 2024

by Greg Henson, President



In the heart of Brazil’s vibrant missionary landscape, the mission spearheaded by Lyndell Campbell Réquia and Brandon Jones has long been fueled by a commitment to theological education. As the needs of their student body evolved over the years, Kairos University emerged as a valuable partner, enabling the mission to adapt and meet the changing needs of ministry leaders in Brazil. Kairos has had a transformative impact on theological education in Brazil.

For decades, theological education has been the lifeblood of the mission in Brazil. However, the dynamics have shifted. No longer are students relocating for years to become full-time seminary students in distant cities. Instead, today’s students often remain in their own ministry contexts throughout their studies, already actively serving in various capacities within their home churches, some even holding pastoral roles.

As the mission sought to align with the evolving needs of its students, Kairos University emerged as a catalyst for change. The values espoused by Kairos—affordable, accessible, relevant, and faithful theological education—aligned seamlessly with the mission’s goals. The partnership with Kairos allowed the mission to transition from offering a single course of study to providing a deeper level of training for seminary graduates, as well as for individuals seeking guidance in their discipleship journey from all corners of Brazil.

Kairos’ commitments to affordability and accessibility have been instrumental in bridging gaps in theological education. No longer restricted to a single course, students across Brazil can now access quality theological training that fits seamlessly into their existing ministry contexts.

The contextualized model of Kairos ensures that theological education remains relevant to the diverse needs of students like Tatiana B. The emphasis on faithfulness to core theological principles ensures a robust foundation for ministry leaders, allowing them to integrate biblical and theological knowledge into their practical service.

Tatiana B., the director of a Christian non-profit institution, represents the transformative impact of Kairos’s contextualized model. With an undergraduate degree in administration and significant leadership experience, Tatiana lacked formal Bible and theology training. Kairos’ Master of Arts program became a pivotal resource, enabling her to develop a foundational understanding that adds depth and purpose to her work and the institution she leads.

The collaboration with Kairos is not merely about meeting current needs but also about sowing seeds for the future. Lyndell Campbell Réquia and Brandon Jones express a vision where Kairos graduates become the next generation of academic mentors and seminary professors in Brazil, contributing to the continued growth and evolution of theological education in the country.

In the intricate tapestry of Brazil’s missionary landscape, the partnership between the mission led by Lyndell Campbell Réquia and Brandon Jones and Kairos University stands as a beacon of adaptability and transformative education. As theological education continues to evolve to meet the dynamic needs of today’s ministry leaders, Kairos’s commitment to affordability, accessibility, relevance, and faithfulness emerges as a vital resource, shaping the narratives of students like Tatiana B. and paving the way for a future where Kairos graduates become the torchbearers of theological wisdom in Brazil.

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