Kairos Impact Stories: Continuing the Legacy of Leadership. Training Across Cultures

March 4, 2024

by Greg Henson, President



The North American Baptist (NAB) Conference  has a rich history dating back to 1850, founded by German-speaking Christians with a mission to bring hope, joy, peace, and purpose to immigrants in a new land through the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Over the years, the demographic landscape of the NAB has evolved into a mosaic of diverse people groups, languages, and cultures. However, amidst these changes, the unwavering commitment to training leaders and pastors has endured. Enter Kairos University, a catalyst for continuing this legacy of leadership training in the NAB and beyond.  The NAB is no longer exclusively comprised of German speakers; it has evolved into a diverse community representing various ethnicities and languages. The enduring constant, however, is the necessity to equip leaders and pastors for the ever-changing challenges of ministry.

In pursuit of this timeless mission, Kairos University emerges as a vital partner, seamlessly integrating tradition with innovation. Harry Kelm, Executive Director of the NAB, attests to the impact Kairos has had in the community, offering seminary training and educational opportunities to pastors and laypeople across the United States and Canada.

Kairos University is dedicated to the core purpose of nurturing followers of Jesus who flourish in their vocations for the sake of the world. In the diverse NAB community, individuals from various backgrounds converge at Kairos seeking to enrich their lives through a robust journey of discipleship. The common thread among them is a shared desire to deepen their understanding of what it means to be people of God in their leadership roles, teaching, and daily lives.

Kairos stands out for its commitment to offering growth and understanding within the context of participants’ lives and churches. Leveraging virtual learning environments and mentorship relationships, Kairos provides a platform for individuals to seamlessly integrate their learning into their everyday ministries. Learning cohorts further enhance this immersive and contextualized approach.

Beyond the borders of the United States and Canada, Kairos University is making an impact on global mission fields. By providing accessible seminary training and educational opportunities, Kairos contributes to the NAB’s commitment to training leaders and pastors, not just within the community but also around the world.

As the North American Baptist Conference embraces its diverse and dynamic future, Kairos University stands as a beacon of continuity and innovation. The partnership between the NAB and Kairos reflects a commitment to not only preserve the legacy of leadership training but also to propel it forward into new territories and cultures. Through Kairos, the NAB community is preserving its roots and sowing seeds of knowledge, growth, and understanding that reach far beyond its historical foundations–echoing the timeless call to nurture leaders and pastors for the ever-expanding mission fields of today and tomorrow.

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