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Bachelor of Arts
Program Course of Study


Curious what your journey through the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Thought and Practice could look like?


This standard course of study for the 120 credit hour Bachelor of Arts in Christian Thought and Practice provides a view of program outcomes and courses in tiers. The course of study is one of the ways you can progress through the program. It’s designed to help maximize your journey as you engage in courses and learning experiences that will help you discern your goals and develop vocational excellence.


Standard Course of Study

Outcomes and Courses in Tiers


Tier One

Learning in Context
GE 100 Starting Well
GE 105 Continuing Well

Bible: Interpreting Texts
GE 120 Bible I
BI 200 Bible II

Bible: Biblical Literacy
BI 100 Exploring the Old Testament
BI 105 Exploring the New Testament

Formation: Knowing Yourself
SP 100 Formation I
GE 210 Exploring Psychology

Theology: Christian Ethics
CT 405 Theology I
CT 450 Theology II

Vocation: Image and Call
CT 100 Vocation I
CT 200 Vocation II

Vocation: Context for Vocation
GE 300 Exploring Christianity & World History
GE 305 Exploring Christianity & the Western World

Skills in Research and Communication
GE 200 Exploring World Literature
CT 215 Ecclesiology III: Denominational History

Life Skills
GE 115 Exploring Finance
CT 205 Ecclesiology I: The Church’s Mission

Understanding and Working with Others
GE 215 Exploring Sociology
CT 420 Theological Hospitality


BA Program Page

Tier Two

Developing Learning and Thinking Skills
CT 425 The Development Process
GE 205 Exploring Philosophy

Vocation: Developing Vocational Skills
BI 400 Practicing Ethnohermeneutics
GE 110 English Composition

Personal Initiative
CT 410 Contextual Project I
CT 415 Contextual Project II

Tier Three

Formation: Christian Spirituality
SP 200 Formation II
CT 210 Ecclesiology II: The Church’s Worship 

Theology: Coherent Theology
CT 455 Systematic Theology I
CT460 Systematic Theology II

Vocation: Vocational Projects
CT 300 Vocational Project I
CT 400 Vocational Project II


Integration in Community I
CT 430 Christian Thought and Personal Practice I
CT 435 Christian Thought and Personal Practice II

Integration in Community II
CT 440 Christian Thought and Corporate Practice I
CT 445 Christian Thought and Corporate Practice II

Integration in Community III
CT 465 Historical Theology I
CT 470 Historical Theology II

Integration in Community IV
BI 300 Bible Interpretation in Context
LE 400 Christian Leadership

What Students are Saying…

“Kairos has been life-changing for me. I often refer to the experience as more of an intense journey of discipleship rather than a traditional degree program at a university. I have learned so much about God and myself.”