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Bachelor of Arts in Christian Thought and Practice

A transformational journey of discipleship focused on helping you develop vocational excellence in your current or desired context – all on your time and from wherever you are.


Focus on your formational journey of faithful citizenship in God’s kingdom and engage in theological reflection on your vocation.


With an emphasis on helping you discern your vocational goals and/or develop vocational excellence, this program is designed for maximum flexibility. This program will prepare you to flourish in your chosen vocation and to engage in further study at the master’s or doctoral level.

Through our unique accelerated track, you can complete a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Divinity in only five years. Or through our degree completion track, you can utilize previous coursework and prior learning to complete your Bachelor of Arts in as little as one year as you prepare for master’s-level study.



Only $300/month




From anywhere




Customized for you




Stay rooted in Christ


Why pursue a Bachelor of Arts with Kairos?

By inviting Kairos to walk on this journey with you, you’re seizing a unique opportunity to deepen your faith while simultaneously developing the content, character, and craft to flourish in your vocation. You’ll develop a mentor team that walks with you throughout the entire program. And then, we will invite you to integrate discipleship, vocational excellence, and mastery learning.


Program Breakdown

The Bachelor of Arts is 120 credit hours and consists of the following courses:

General Education Core

GE 100 Learning about Kairos and Learning (3)

GE 105 Learning about Life (3)

GE 110 English Composition (3)

GE 115 Exploring Finance & Stewardship (3)

GE 200 Exploring World Literature (3)

GE 205 Exploring Philosophy (3)

GE 210 Exploring Psychology (3)

GE 215 Exploring Sociology (3)

GE 300 Exploring Christianity & World History (3)

GE 305 Exploring Christianity & the Western World (3)


Christian Thought Core

GE 120 Bible I (3)

BI 100 Exploring the Old Testament (3)

BI 105 Exploring the New Testament (3)

BI 200 Bible II (3)

BI 300 Bible Interpretation in Context* (3)

CT 100 Vocation I (3)

CT 200 Vocation II (3)

CT 300 Vocational Project I (3)

CT 400 Vocational Project II (3)

CT 205 Ecclesiology I: The Church’s Mission (3)

CT 210 Ecclesiology II: The Church’s Worship* (3)

CT 215 Ecclesiology III: Denominational History* (3)

SP 100 Formation I (3)

SP 200 Formation II (3)


Christian Thought and Practice Major Courses

BI 400 Practicing Ethnohermeneutics* (3)

CT 405 Theology I (3)

CT 410 Contextual Project I (3)

CT 415 Contextual Project II (3)

CT 420 Theological Hospitality (3)

CT 425 The Development Process (3)

CT 430 Integration in Community: New Perspectives (3)

CT 435 Integration in Community: Fellowship of Differents (3)

CT 440 Integration in Community: Theological Reflection in Community (3)

CT 445 Integration in Community: Faith at Work (3)

CT 450 Theology II (3)

CT 455 Systematic Theology I* (3)

CT 460 Systematic Theology II* (3)

CT 465 Historical Theology I* (3)

CT 470 Historical Theology II* (3)

LE 400 Christian Leadership* (3)

*Master’s-level integration
All general education and Christian Thought core courses correspond with the Associate of Arts in Christian Thought and Practice program.


*Master’s-Level Integration

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Thought and Practice integrates with the Master of Divinity program. The first 30 hours of the Master of Divinity program also count for the corresponding Bachelor of Arts courses.

Program Overview

While engaged in this program, you will walk with a mentor team through the following:

Contextual Projects

Throughout the program, you have the opportunity to work with your mentor team to design learning experiences that are entirely shaped by what you are doing (or will do) in your current or desired vocational context. Are you planting a church? Building a youth ministry program? Developing curriculum? Then use that in your program! Are you managing finances? Writing code? Building homes? Developing software? Leading teams? Then use that in your program! If an experience or project is connected to what it means to flourish in your vocation, then use it to make progress in your program!

Customized Learning Experiences

Learning experiences in Kairos are built around an invitation for you to explore some aspect of your vocation, Christian thought and practice, or the human experience. You have the opportunity to progress through these learning experiences in the way that is most helpful to you in your context and vocation. You also have the opportunity to work with faculty members to create entirely new or customized learning experiences that help you develop vocational excellence and expertise. Learn more about customized learning here.

Unique Area of Focus

If you are interested in focusing on a particular area of study to meet your specific vocational or developmental needs, you can work with your mentor team or a Kairos partner to customize or concentrate in any area of interest. This means you can dive deep into missional theology, systems design and thinking, pastoral care, Clinical Pastoral Education, biblical languages, spiritual formation and direction, chaplaincy, finances, strategic leadership, and much more. The choice is yours!

Core Modules

With a focus on formation, biblical study, vocational discernment, and theological reflection, these modules help you connect everything to the work God is doing in the world. Each core module is facilitated by a member of the Network Faculty and features a weekly live session with fellow students.

Gatherings and Small Group Reflection (Case Studies)

Many students count the small group reflection sessions as a highlight of their time in Kairos. As a key part of the Kairos journey, these sessions are required for most programs. They include peer-to-peer dialogue around real-life situations. 

Get Started

We’d love to help you discern if this is the next best step for you. Start a conversation with us today or check out our “Discerning Your Calling” step-by-step guide.

Ready to move forward? Here are a few of the things you’ll need to get started.

  • Official transcripts in sealed envelopes from all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended (and high school diploma for bachelor’s students) for all bachelor’s, graduate certificate in theological studies, master’s, and doctoral students.
  • On a case-by-case basis, certificate of completion for Training in Spiritual Direction students may be asked to provide official transcripts.
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher (or 3.0 for counseling applicants).
  • A completed application for admission and all admissions materials.