Edmonton, Alberta – Canada

From Edmonton, one of Canada’s most dynamic cities, Taylor Seminary became one of the founding legacy partners of Kairos University.


11525 – 23 Ave
Edmonton, AB T6J 4T3

(780) 431-5200
(800) 567-4988

  • Canadian perspective
  • Intercultural studies
  • Missional theology
  • Christian ethics
  • Spiritual formation

The Taylor Seminary community serves as a contextualization partner for Kairos University by providing local mentors, learning resources, and academic support for Kairos University students.

In 2015, Taylor Seminary began collaborating with Kairos University (then Sioux Falls Seminary) around our shared belief that theological education is something that must happen in community and that the community in which it happens has a profound formational impact on students. When the schools began working together, a commitment to honor each other’s history, heritage, and identity was made.

Read more about the kingdom-minded collaboration that has now evolved into an affordable, accessible, relevant, and faithful system of theological education.

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David Williams is a Kairos Executive Partner and the Taylor Seminary Legacy President.

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Taylor Seminary began working with Kairos in 2015 and became a legacy partner in 2020.

Legacy Partners

Taylor has historically been known for its commitment to lay education and a holistic understanding of the gospel.

Taylor’s History

We are proud to call Taylor Seminary a Legacy Partner.

Legacy Partners